Deal Terms

  • Offering Amount

    $100MM Common Stock
    $25MM Preferred Stock

  • Target Return

    18 - 20% IRR

  • Acquisition Fee


  • Distribution Fee


  • Management Fee

    0.75% of NAV

  • Target Distribution

    6% Per Annum

  • Tax Consideration


  • Investment Period

    5-7 Years

  • Minimum Subscription

    $20,000 Common
    $200,000 Preferred

4 different commercial real estate categories supplying goods or services to directly to us.
  • Mobility HubsTM
  • Healthcare
  • Micro-Fulfillment
  • Life Sciences
And introducing Mobility Hubs

Noyack Logistics Income REIT sets a new urban logistics standard with Mobility Hubs, utilizing parking garage rooftops for eVTOL ‘Vertipads’, revolutionizing delivery and operational efficiency while significantly reducing urban congestion and environmental footprint

How we increase parking garage revenue…
  •  Profitable Parking Revenue
  •  EV Charging Stations
  •  Cold Storage pods for organic produce
  •  Amazon/WalMart Lockers
  •  Urgent Care
  •  Drone Delivery
  •  Self Driving Car Hub
  •  5G Antennas

Mobility Hubs are repurposing excess parking garage spaces into logistics depots

We have our personal capital at risk alongside yours, our ‘skin in the game, proving invest0r alignment.
  • Target Annual Dividend


  • Preferred Return (IRR)


  • Development Fee


  • Acquisition Fee


  • Distribution Fee


Return of Capital (ROC)

A portion of the REIT’s quarterly distributions are expected to be characterized as a return of capital, which is not subject to tax.

20% REIT Tax Reduction

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 allows investors to deduct up to 20% of ordinary REIT dividends from their taxable income for federal income tax purposes.

Simple Tax Reporting

Our investors get the benefit of a single Form 1099-DIV sent annually for efficient tax filing.

Tax Advantages of Top Performing REITs
The following hypothetical example1 illustrates the tax efficiency of REITs. We compare non-REIT investments to an investment in NREIT 1.
1See "Notes on Tax Advantages" in General Disclaimers and Footnotes.

Projected Return of Investment
Potential target returns of $100,000 accross various investments after five years1.
1See "Notes to Project Return of Investment" in General Disclaimers and Footnotes.