NOYACK Advantage

Investors Are First In Line

NLI’s TripleZero™ fee structure is one of the lowest in the REIT industry. Investors receive 100% of invested capital and a 15% IRR before NOYACK earns any incentive bonus from the profits.

NOYACK Logistics Income REIT Blackstone REIT Fundrise Opportunity Fund
Acquisition Fee 0% Up to 6% Up to 2%
Distribution Fee 0% Distribution Fee N/A
Development Fee 0% N/A 0%
Disposition Fee 1% Up to 3% 1%
Asset Mgmt. Fee 0.75% of NAV 1.75% of NAV 0.75% of NAV
Priority Return 15% IRR to Investors† 5% Annualized IRR 8% Annual, Non Compounded
Acquisition Fee
Distribution Fee
Development Fee
Disposition Fee
Asset Mgmt. Fee
Priority Return
NOYACK Logistics Income REIT
0.75% of NAV
15% IRR to Investors†
Blackstone REIT
Up to 6%
Distribution Fee
Up to 3%
1.75% of NAV
5% Annualized IRR
Fundrise Opportunity Fund
Up to 2%
0.75% of NAV
8% Annual, Non Compounded

Upon a liquidation event, NLI will distribute ALL net cash to investors FIRST until they have received BOTH return of their investment PLUS a 15% internal rate of return on their investment BEFORE the Manager receives any performance consideration. 50/50 split after 15% return to investors.


Stabilized Portfolio

Because we aren’t a blind pool of funds, investor capital is earning cash from Day 1.

Skin In The Game

We believe that to trust any investment manager, they must share the risk of their decisions. Thats why we at NOYACK invested significant net worth in NLI to prove our commitment to our collective success. NOYACK and its investors will contribute approx $75 million in gross asset value to NLI.

Network Sourcing

Our 30-year investment in relationships with builders and property owners generates discounted pricing opportunities for NLI and our investors. Our unique structure allows NLI to grow through our proprietary UPREIT Exchange Program with property owners and forward-commitment program with developers.

Thematic Focus

NOYACK intends to be the first-mover in the evolution of logistics infrastructure by acquiring and modernizing assets that stand to benefit from emerging trends in Mobility, Micro-Fulfillment & Life Sciences.

Ideal Retirement Planning

Our 6% minimum annual dividend for preferred and the near zero volatility of NLI share price makes it ideal for inclusion in your 401k, ROTH Ira, or employer Defined Benefit Pension Plan.

Introducing the Mobility Hub

Explore the concept of ‘Mobility Hubs’ and how they are revolutionizing the way goods and services make their way to consumers. Mobility Hubs are centralized locations that serve as a final stop for packages, a place for autonomous fleets to recharge and undergo maintenance, and provide a safe place for critical need services to be delivered.

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