Investment & Acquisition Strategy

Investment Thesis

Our fundamental conviction is that logistics assets are undervalued relative to the market maturity of eCommerce. In the past 5 years, digital commerce has grown 140% to a $2.4 trillion market opportunity, yet the supply of real estate infrastructure to meet that demand has increased only 25%. This enormous supply/demand imbalance will drive increasing revenue in these asset classes for the next decade.

Investment Process



Secure favorable pricing by leveraging UPREIT Exchange Program to source assets from our family office network, and expanding our historical efforts providing forward commitments to large developers in return for discounted pricing.



Use our purpose-built algorithms, PropertyQuotient™ & MarketQuotient™, to score and rank assets. Quality over quantity.



Position or repurpose assets to capitalize on supply chain trends, increasing incremental revenue and improving yield.



Potential portfolio disposition to institutional partners. Optimal exist when the future value of supply chain infrastructure is fully priced.

NOYACK PropertyQuotient™

(NPQ) uses highly specific metrics to effectively score potential acquisition targets across several asset classes in differing markets. Our proprietary NPQ algorithm has been built drawing on our Managing Principal’s decades of experience back testing successful acquisitions in the target asset classes.

NOYACK MarketQuotient™

(NMQ) is our proprietary underwriting methodology to identify the top acquisition markets for all our asset classes using a large multitude of data points organized in our algorithm. Our analysts focus on the future demand of high growth cities and areas across North America by tracking traffic data and municipal parking revenue percapita. Target markets are continuously ranked utilizing our constantly updating NOYACK MarketQuotient™. A data-intensive approach to prospective markets will be central to the Manager’s sourcing strategy.

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