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Noyack Logistics Income Funds I & II (NREIT) are real estate investment trusts for both Accredited and Non Accredited investors. They allow the individual investor a way to invest in the most lucrative segment of industrial real estate - micro-fulfillment aka 'last mile.'

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Logistics infrastructure is undervalued relative to the demand of eCommerce.

We define supply chain & logistics real estate as any asset that supports the storage or delivery of a good or a service. Diversification is a critical component of our success.

Our mission is to make money for our partners not from our partners.

38+ Year Track Record of Success

NOYACK’s founder has created wealth for families since his first $50M industrial development with the Rockefeller Group in 1983.

Alignment with Investors

No upfront fees and investing our own capital as “skin in the deal." That's how NOYACK places investors first.

Existing Cash-Flowing Assets

NLI is not a blind pool of funds. Investor capital is immediately allocated to a stabilized portfolio of income-generating assets.

Value Creation

NOYACK taps into unrealized revenue opportunities by modernizing legacy assets for the future supply chain real estate.

Disruptive Acquisition Strategy

Paying the highest price for commercial real estate is never the best strategy. NOYACK Property Partner Network, a network of developers and owners, generates proprietary deal flow at a discount to the market.

Proprietary Investment Algorithms

NOYACK MarketQuotient™ and NOYACK PropertyQuotient™, our custom-built formulas for rating investment opportunities, give NLI a distinct advantage in sourcing and disposition.

Revolutionizing the way you can invest in REITs

See how NLI became the first REIT to accept Cryptocurrency and how this can impact the way you diversify-

What Our Clients Say

I have been investing with NOYACK and CJ Follini for over 14 years. In that time he and his team have brought me investments across a range of commercial real estate deal opportunities. His investment discovery approach combines creative thinking with hard work and data-centric analysis in a way that exceeds return expectations each year.

Jack Romita, Romita Family Office

Romita Family Office