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A compelling investment opportunity in America’s supply chain infrastructure -- Check out our explainer video below or Fill out our form to get our in depth presentation on the future of mobility hubs

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Revitalizing legacy parking garages for the modern urban lifestyle

Noyack Logsitics Income REIT offers the opportunity to invest in Mobility Hubs - centralized locations that serve as a final stop for packages, a place for autonomous fleets to recharge and undergo maintenance, and provide a safe place for critical need services to be delivered. By using these hubs, businesses can improve the efficiency and speed of their operations, while also reducing the impact on urban congestion and the environment. Watch our video to learn more about Mobility Hubs and how they are changing the future.

What we do with parking garages

Operational Efficiency on Parking

EV Charging Stations

Warehouse, cold storage facility and Fleet Management

Community Hub to create efficiency of the delivery of goods

Ghost Kitchen

Urgent Care

Drone Delivery

Self Driving Car Hub

5G Antennas

Amazon Lockers

Mobility Hubs offer a Unique Opportunity

These changes are projected to improve the NOI of these properties by more than 3x over the course of the next 5 years.

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