REITs That Accept Cryptocurrency: NOYACK Logistics Income Embraces Blockchain Technology

By CJ Follini | Noyack Capital

REITs That Accept Cryptocurrency: NOYACK Logistics Income Embraces Blockchain Technology

REIT & Crypto

Through NOYACK’s partnership with BitPay, NOYACK Logistics Income (NLI) is the first REIT that supports cryptocurrency investment in real estate. A wide range of investors can now fund their commitment to NOYACK’s Logistics Income (NLI) REIT with cryptocurrency or a combination of crypto and traditional currency. 

Combining innovation in commercial real estate investments with the opportunity to invest using crypto funds, NOYACK, led by founder and Managing Principal, CJ Follini,  is at the forefront of real estate investment and REITs along with crypto, offering an excellent ROI from real-world logistics and commercial property.

What is NOYACK Logistics Income REIT?

NOYACK Logistics Income is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that invests in diversified supply chain real estate properties. The portfolio includes mobility hubs bringing together several forms of transit that support “last mile” delivery for eCommerce, including goods and services. NLI balances investment security with a target investment rate of return (IRR) of 18 to 20 percent.

NOYACK Logistics Income benefits from a strong investment thesis: eCommerce has grown over 140% between 2017 and 2022, but corresponding investments in the real estate infrastructure that support it have only grown by 25%. The supply-demand gap means that revenue from commercial real estate and logistics will only continue to grow over the next ten years.

NOYACK’s 38 years of successful investment in the sector have led to its creation of proprietary algorithms: PropertyQuotient™ and MarketQuotient™. The algorithms target investments in mobility hubs, along with warehouses, cold storage, and other commercial real estate opportunities. Particular areas of interest within NLI include fast-growing sectors like autonomous vehicle infrastructure, same-day delivery services, and climate-controlled storage.

Advantages of Investing in REIT with Cryptocurrency Funds

According to Stephen Pair, BitPay CEO, “we see more investors asking to move cryptocurrency allocations into physical assets like real estate.” Pair estimates that moving the cryptocurrency economy into the real world represents at least $55 billion (USD) in purchases over the next year. Diversifying investment portfolios with cryptocurrency and real-world commercial real estate assets has been made easier and accessible with this pioneering initiative.

NOYACK’s BitPay integration enables investors to divide their investment between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. They can select their preferred wallet or coin exchange, scan a QR code, and complete their investment. The resulting flexibility enables investors to balance their portfolios between cryptocurrency exchanges and a real-world real estate investment trust. The BitPay integration allows retail investors to include real estate investment assets along with cryptocurrency in retirement accounts or other investment funds.

Inflation’s Impacts on Real Estate Investments and Other Investments

It has been several decades since inflation rates have risen to 6 to 7% or higher. NOYACK Logistics Income has been created to provide an investment rate of return significantly higher than potential inflation rates: 18% to 20%. Historically, REITs in general perform well during times of high inflation.

Commercial real estate investment trusts perform even stronger against inflation than residential or other types of REITs. Combined with CJ Follini’s  38 years of experience in commercial real estate investment, NLI is designed to successfully outperform inflation and deliver reliable cash flow. NOYACK Capital is also committed to providing investment education along with its revolutionary alternative investment platform, making institutional-grade private investments, including long-term opportunities, accessible to all investors.

Opening a Private REIT to All Investors

NOYACK Capital is the fastest-growing alternative investment platform, with a goal of opening economic opportunities in the real estate market and delivering excellent investment performance to retail investors. Some real estate investment trusts (REITs) focus on institutional entities such as pension funds or endowments. NOYACK Logistics Income is open to accredited investors, family offices, institutional investors, registered investment advisors, and other qualified purchasers.

By partnering with BitPay, investors with digital assets can fund their commitment to NOYACK Logistics Income with cryptocurrency payments, including Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), and more.

Invest With Confidence Using Cryptocurrency and Traditional Currency

Through NOYACK Capital’s partnership with BitPay, you can invest in real estate using cryptocurrency in the first blockchain-accessible REIT, NOYACK Logistics Income. This partnership makes NLI one step closer towards tokenizing real estate

It’s simple to complete your investor form and define your investor profile. Investigate next-generation investment opportunities including blockchain-based real estate and more with NOYACK Capital today.