Logistics REIT, The Paragon Of Alternative Investments

Noyack Logistics Income REIT’s portfolio is purpose-built to provide high-yield, quarterly dividends, stability in uncertain times, and protection against inflation by investing in American logistics real estate infrastructure.
NLI Target: 6% annual dividends and a 18% - 20% annual return

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Massive Infrastructure Shortage Due to Surging eCommerce Demand

The growth of the internet as a platform for retail sales has brought about a paradigm shift in the distribution of goods and services: consumers are losing their appetite to travel to purchase goods.

Over the past five years digital commerce has:

  • Grown 140%
  • Is a $2.4 Trillion market opportunity
  • The supply of real estate to meet the demand has only increased 25%

This enormous supply/demand imbalance will drive increasing revenue in these assets classes for the next decade.

Rapid shift in consumption from retail to eCommerce has vastly oustripped available supply of fulfillment and distribution properties. Industrial vacancy is 4.5% as of Q2 202 —an all-time low.


NLI's Objective


NLI targets a 16% to 18% internal rate of return across a five to seven year period


We seek to distribute a 6% annual dividend to shareholders.


NOYACK is committed to transparency and accessibility, offering a hands-on approach to working with investors.

Proven History

Offering a unique opportunity to capitalize on NOYACK's 38 year successful track record in commercial real estate

High Dividends & Other REIT Benefits

The way REITs are structured allows them to pay out the majority of their taxable income as dividends to investors. Unlike stocks, which have no requirement to pay dividends, each year, a REIT must pay out at least 90% of its taxable income as dividends to shareholders. As a result, REITs are considered to be reliable income investments.

REITs also add a real estate component to investment portfolios, contributing to a diverse, balanced investment strategy. Real estate investments can diversify a retirement portfolio and can also help to protect assets against the ups and downs of the stock and bond market.

The Alternative Investment For High Inflation Times

Private real estate investments have historically outperformed stocks, government bonds, and investment grade bonds during times of inflation. In the case of commercial real estate, the performance differences are impressive. 

According to NOYACK’s analysis of investment performance data from BlackRock, the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF), Bloomberg, and the S&P 500, commercial real estate has returned a rate of 17.23% during periods of high economic growth and high inflation over the past 20 years. Even during times of low growth and high inflation, NOYACK’s analysis shows that when different asset classes are considered, commercial real estate returned 15.98% to investors, over 6% more than government bonds, and more than four times better than the stock market.

There are several reasons why commercial real estate performs well during periods of inflation;

  • Commercial leases are typically longer than residential lease terms.
  • In the commercial sector, leases also often have annual rent increases that are tied to the consumer price index. This allows REITs which are invested in commercial real estate to provide reliable income through dividends. 
  • REIT investments also have significantly better liquidity than an individual piece of real estate.

Graph depicting commercial real estate (REIT) performance during inflationary periods

What Our Clients Say

I have been investing with NOYACK and CJ Follini for over 14 years. In that time he and his team have brought me investments across a range of commercial real estate deal opportunities. His investment discovery approach combines creative thinking with hard work and data-centric analysis in a way that exceeds return expectations each year.

Jack Romita, Romita Family Office

Romita Family Office